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The Noosphere Engineering School (NES) of Max Polyakov (Maxym Polyakov) is a project that joins leading Ukrainian Universities and Noosphere. The organization combines efforts of academia and executive team of Noosphere to share practical and theoretical knowledge in the frame of developing projects based on science knowledge and business approach. NES and Max Polyakov build the bridge between experience and creativity, enthusiasm and practice background, innovations and set regulations. The Noosphere Engineering School declares synergy of students, experts, and engineering enthusiasts in order to do best to be at the forefront of engineering breakthroughs.

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The Noosphere Space Engineering School was founded in 2017 as a cooperation between Oles Honchar Dnipro University, Space System Engineering School and the Noosphere Engineering School. The cooperation was made possible thanks to the great assistance from Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov. The Noosphere Space Engineering School works under the guidance of American Councils.

The mission of the Noosphere Space Engineering School of Max Polyakov is to help students make advancements in aerospace and other high-tech spheres through computer-assisted engineering and design.

The Noosphere Space Engineering School initiated by Max Polyakov bridges the gap between researchers and practitioners so they can work more closely with academia and students. The curriculum centers around laying out basic problem-solving approaches so that staff and students can generate their own opportunities for the inventors, entrepreneurs, and scientists of tomorrow.

Through combining theory with practice, Maxym Polyakov is building a stage on which the creative potential of students can flourish so that graduates of the school are able to carry their generation into the future.

Max Polyakov is going to implement technical solutions through hosting and organizing the competitions that involve young enthusiasts through the stages:

Idea – Hackathon – Layout – Design – Implementation

The students of the Space Engineering School design sub-orbital rockets. The satellites used by students are small “CanSat” standard satellites destined for sub-orbital rockets or “CubeSat” Satellites in 1U or 2U format.

The Noosphere Space Engineering School of Maxym Polyakov includes the Space Information Technology Department.

With the support of the Association Noosphere, the Space Information Technology Department was opened at the faculty of physics and technology of Oles Honchar Dnipro University.

The mission of the Space Information Technology Department supported by Max Polyakov is to provide world-class training standards that will be highly competitive in the world market of space services.

The goal of the department is to train specialists who navigate and understand the market ecosystem and ensure effective development and application of technical systems operating in near-Earth space.

The Noosphere Space Engineering School initiated by Max Polyakov consists of several labs.

Optimal Design Lab


  • Doing design calculations for rocket launches/carriers (design, ballistic, aerodynamic, and thermal calculations)
  • Solutions for problem optimization to do with strength, mass reduction, etc.
  • Practical training of specialists in the field of CAD, CAE, etc.

Manufacturing Technology Lab


  • Practical training of specialists in the field of manufacturing technologies for structural elements made of metal and non-metallic materials, including 3D printing and winding.
  • Simulations of processes and preparing for control programs
  • Selection of modern materials and technological processes and the development of high-tech equipment.

There are also laboratories for testing missile containers.

By combining theory and practice, Space school and Max Polyakov strive to build a platform aimed to unleash the creative potential of students. Hopefully, in future, the graduates engage their generation by focusing inventors' talent and energy around making the world a better place to live in.

The Noosphere Space Engineering School students gain new knowledge, use new technologies and equipment in the educational process. Maxym Polyakov believes that successful training will leverage their skills up to leading specialists’ attains which give them an opportunity to collaborate with high-scaled companies all around the world: NASA, Firefly, EOS, Airbus etc.


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